AC Service

We are a one-stop-shop for all your commercial air conditioning service needs – from design, installation, service and maintenance for all types of commercial situations. And our Executive maintenance program is customized to suit your individual needs to ensure your system is operating efficiently to maximize performance and minimize downtime.

Our Commercial AC Repair Services

At Proactive, we know how critical a well-functioning office, storefront, warehouse, or other commercial property is to your business’s running smoothly. Often overlooked, commercial air conditioners bring safety and comfort to employees, clients, tenants, and guests. Proactive Heating & Air Conditioning works to ensure your commercial cooling equipment operates at peak performance and efficiency levels at all times, keeping employees comfortable and clients happy.

Whether it is an office, or other commercial building that needs air conditioning, Proactive Heating & Air Conditioning has the experience and expertise to deliver your project to the required specifications. For more than 10 years, businesses and other organizations have been sourcing their commercial air conditioning systems and services from us.

Our technicians will consider the whole space that needs air conditioning, taking into account size, location, aspect, and use when designing the best solution. All commercial customers benefit from the same exacting level of pre-design examination. A comprehensive quote will be provided detailing every aspect, and this quote is guaranteed.

Your commercial air conditioning needs are unique. You’ll benefit from:

A smooth design process

Fuss free installation

Preventative maintenance servicing

A cool, inviting space that increases productivity and sales