Dehumidifiers are an important device used for maintaining indoor air quality within your home. It is inevitable that moisture will be entering your home from outside either by open windows or doors. Excess moisture inside the home can lead to mold and other pollutants. Installation of a dehumidifier will help remove the moisture from indoor air and balance the humidity levels hence preventing potential for growth of mold and buildup of harmful pollutants.

Does it seem like your home is warmer in the summer than you’d like? Well you’ve heard the saying “it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity!” This holds true for indoors as well as outdoors. If your home has an excess of moisture, your central air system will have to work extra hard to overcome this “latent heat” before it can even really begin to cool your home!

Why Should You Install a Home Dehumidifier System?

Moisture poses big problems in our area households. Helping keep relative humidity levels inside the
home under control, which helps in many ways:

  • Higher moisture levels make your home more susceptible to mold growth. Mold grows and spreads, damaging your home’s structure and other items. Exposure to mold inside the home has the potential to cause serious illness to occupants. Dehumidifiers help prevent mold growth to protect your family.
  • Allergens like dust mites and others thrive in indoor environments that are humid. If your home’s air is too moist, occupants are exposed to higher concentrations of allergens and experience more frequent asthma and allergy triggers. A whole home dehumidifier helps you create a healthier indoor environment with fewer allergens.
  • When the air inside your home is too humid, bodies feel hotter. This causes a household to run air conditioners more frequently, which raises energy bills and increases wear and tear to the system. By drying the air, dehumidifiers help you reduce energy consumption and utility costs.
  • Dehumidification is a natural effect of the cooling process. In homes with too much moisture, air conditioning systems are burdened by the dehumidification needs, which places more stress on the system. Dehumidifiers reduce this burden and protect the air conditioner.

Take control of humidity levels in your home and fight high humidity. Our technicians install whole home dehumidifiers that work with your HVAC system to treat all indoor air. If you experience problems with your dehumidifier, contact us for quick and reliable repairs for your system.